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The ghost of Christmas present, past and future: unwanted weight gain during the holidays

How many times have you proposed to start your exercise regime and “diet” when you start next year? How many of these times has that purpose become a reality and more important, how many times has this continued through that “new year” and have you obtained permanent results? Do you want to achieve your goals… Sigue leyendo The ghost of Christmas present, past and future: unwanted weight gain during the holidays

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Body composition vs weight

It seems we are obsessed with weight.  We worry about our weight, want to lose it, talk about ideal weight, we talk about this or that person losing or gaining it and we associate weight with health, fitness and beauty standards with no further consideration. Weight, quite often, lies. Just as i wrote there weight… Sigue leyendo Body composition vs weight

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How to achieve real change

Making changes is not easy, it requires effort, dedication and following a plan according to our goals, this applies to any aspect of our lives we want to change. We all want to improve, we want better health, better economy, better appeareance, work, social status, better education… Regarding fitness in specific, we often see lots… Sigue leyendo How to achieve real change

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Cardio: long distance or high intensity?

This days talking about cardio opens the door to discusion and will surely bring people on the opposite extremes of the topic, from the ones convinced it’s a complete loss of time and it destroys muscle to the ones considering it the best of physical activities and tha adore running (or swimming or peddaling) for… Sigue leyendo Cardio: long distance or high intensity?

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Weight loss: Cardio or Weights?

Thi is one of the most common questions asked on the subject and one that tends to be controversial. First we should clarify some elements about weight and body composition.  Our weight is the sum of all that compose our body and that is within it: skeleton, muscles, internal organs, skin, blood, our stomach’s contents,… Sigue leyendo Weight loss: Cardio or Weights?

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15 ways to enjoy the holidays avoiding weight gain

Once again comes December and with it all the holidays’ spirit, joy, presents, family reunions, office parties… and food.  Lots of food. Maintaining the weight that we have worked so hard all year long to get to or avoiding those extra pounds during this month can turn into a titanic endeavor, one that many consider… Sigue leyendo 15 ways to enjoy the holidays avoiding weight gain

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Ready to run?

Running is one of the most popular physical activities, it’s also among the ones requiring the least amount of equipment and investment.  Everyday hundred thousands of people around the world join the “running movement” and newer appealing family friendly races appear, promoting us all to join. Running can also be an excellent way of improving… Sigue leyendo Ready to run?

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How to change our sedentary lifestyle.

Our modern world take us more and more towards a sedentary lifestyle, we drive or ride a vehicle to move around, elevators effortlessly take us to any heights, we work hours after hours sitting in front of a computer and when we finally arrive home the TV invites us to enjoy our favorite shows.  We… Sigue leyendo How to change our sedentary lifestyle.

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The daily struggle with weight

Keeping an adequate weight is a topic of great importance and interest that’s related with elements that go from comfort, personal appeareance all the way to health. Overweight and obesity have turned into full epidemics, afecting the lives of millions of people worldwide, decreasing their quality of life and increasing their medical expenses enormously.  They increase… Sigue leyendo The daily struggle with weight